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Cattleya Phalaenopsis Cymbidium

Please read the general information tutorial before starting.


Get out all your tools and select the colors you want to be the base color of the flower then mix some clay for the flower. Sap Green is a good color for the plant. Almost any colors can be used for the flowers. Its a good idea to look at the bottom to guage the realative sizes of items.



First you need to to put the colum for each flower on the tapered end of the 16x18x3mm wire for the flower. Roll out a peice for the thing and shape like above then put latex glue on the end of the wire and spear it from the tapered end. Then make a small ball and push it on the end of the colum with some glue and then split it down the center so it looks something like barely. Next roll out some clay for the petals with the rolling machine and a plastic to protect it.


Open the plastic and use your cookie cutters to cut out 3 sepals, 2 petals and 1 lip. Peel away the excess clay, and then stamp them all on the catteleya stamp. After use scissors to cut short cuts around the areas you plan to ruffle, ususally on the 2 petals, and lip. Ruffle the flowers using the sharp rod to get a rounded look on the ruffles. Alternating above and below the petal and using it to at different widths to give it a random look.