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Cattleya Phalaenopsis Cymbidium
About us

My name is Suphattra (a.k.a. Joy) , I live in Haslett Michigan and make flowers and other items out of a synthetic air drying clay from Japan since 2002.

The clay maintains some flexibility and can be formed very thin without becoming brittle. This allows me to make flowers look very close to the original and have some translucency which is not possible with most heat cured clays.

My flowers are so realistic many people mistake them for real flowers. I form anatomical parts of the flowers using the clay and paint them with oil colors. I started making these as a hobby, as friends and family became interested I began selling them.

Now I help support my four children and husband while he attends school by selling the flowers.

I make and teaching classes to others who want to learn to make them, I have also made custom and fantasy flowers for people for various occasions including weddings.

My flowers have earned me several awards and interviews with TV stations.

Gratefully Yours