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Cattleya Phalaenopsis Cymbidium

These handmade clay flowers are made with synthetic clay, which air dries and does not need to be heat cured like normal clays. The result is a long-lasting decoration or keep-sake that is still flexible and resists breaking or cracking. The clay is easy to work with and can be extended with water. Even after a flower has dried it is still possible, to some degree, to reshape it by using a blow dryer to heat it while holding it in its new position.

Since its base color is white your flower can easily be made any color you can mix, normal oil paints are most commonly used. These flowers have all the advantages of normal artiflcial flowers, but with a unique elegance that plastic cannot achieve.

The process of making clay flowers is enjoyable and allows you to be as creative as you want. First the clay is wrapped over wire supports, colored to match that section of plant and shaped as desired. Next the individual pieces are attached with glue. Clay is then added for the finishing touches and the flower's details are painted in. Once the plant is finished it can be placed in a pot or mounted any way you like.

(Details can be found in the tutorial sections of this site)